FY 2015-16 Parcel Tax Reporting for Direct Assessment Levying Agencies

State Parcel Tax Reporting (AB 2109)


The deadline to submit the FTR to the State Controller’s Office is within seven (7) months after the close of each fiscal year.

The Auditor-Controller will be reporting parcel tax information on behalf of County departments only. Non-County direct assessment agencies are required to report this information annually to the SCO.

Please note that the Auditor-Controller previously maintained a list of all direct assessment agencies that are levying a parcel tax. This list will no longer be maintained starting FY 2024-25. However, we will continue to provide payment information for all direct assessments levying agencies on our Direct Assessments – Auditor-Controller page.

For more information regarding the AB-2109 reporting requirements, please contact the SCO directly or visit their website by clicking the link below:

SCO-Parcel Tax Reporting Requirements

Los Angeles County Contact Information
If you have any questions, please direct them to Auditor-Controller Property Tax Services Division, Evelyn Ramirez, Supervisor of the Direct Assessment Unit at (213) 893-2344 or email at dainquiry@auditor.lacounty.gov.

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