Kristina Burns

Property Tax Apportionment

Kristina Burns is the Division Chief of the Property Tax Apportionment Division. She has over 30 years’ experience in the Department of Auditor-Controller, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Ms. Burns oversees mandated property tax functions, including accounting for funds allocated to redevelopment successor agencies and establishing apportionment factors that will be used for distribution of collections of property tax revenue to local agencies, municipalities, special districts, schools and successor agencies.

Property Tax Apportionment Division

The Property Tax Apportionment Division (PTAD) is mandated by California Revenue and Taxation, Government, and Health and Safety Codes to perform property taxation functions. PTAD is responsible for tax rate computations, accounting for the apportionment and allocation of property tax collections to over 1,300 local agencies including, cities, schools, special districts, successor agencies and the County, and administration of the redevelopment property tax trust funds. In addition, the division provides property tax information and assistance to state, local, and county representatives and to the general public.

PTAD also controls and deposits property tax revenue to the Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund for distribution to the redevelopment Successor Agencies and the affected taxing entities according to the Redevelopment Dissolution Law, and will also control and distribute tax revenue to Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts according to the applicable Codes.