Karen Loquet

Karen Loquet

Assistant Auditor-Controller

Karen Loquet is the Assistant Auditor-Controller responsible for Countywide Payroll, Enterprise Systems Support, Shared Services, and Systems Operations Divisions of the Auditor-Controller. She has over 38 years of experience with LA County, with the majority of her experience in support of the County’s Administrative Systems, for 39 County departments, which includes approximately 110,000 County employees, and Property Tax systems for LA residents and taxpayers. She has the responsibility for assisting the Auditor-Controller with strategic planning and technology initiatives.

Ms. Loquet serves as the Auditor-Controller’s Chief Information Officer and Technical Project Director, on the Countywide eCAPS and e-HR Enterprise Advisory committee, and various Technical Collaboration Committees, demonstrating her leadership, tenacity, and ability to build strong alliances.

Ms. Loquet has been recognized with the County’s prestigious Quality and Productivity Awards for several technology systems over the years, even garnering a Golden Eagle award. These systems cover a large range of the County’s Administrative Systems for Financials, Budget, Procurement, Payroll, Human Resources, and Property Tax. She was awarded Technology Manager of the year at the joint LA County/LA City Digital Summit Awards.

Ms. Loquet is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Development Program, through the University of Southern California (USC) Price School of Public Policy, and holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees with emphasis in Business Administration and Information Technology from California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA). She also acts as Ambassador and provides leadership and guidance to the Women in Technology (WIT-LA) organization within LA County, and she is a member of the County Chief Information Officer Technology Management Council.