Kris Kademian

Emergent Technology Group

Kris Kademian is Division Chief of the Auditor-Controller’s (A-C) Emergent Technology Group (ETG).  Mr. Kademian is a 30+ year veteran in the A-C with diverse experience including Information Technology, Audit, Investigations, Accounting, Payroll, Tax and Disbursements. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from California State University Los Angeles and is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), Certified Private Investigator (CPI) and is PC832 certified from the Rio Hondo Police Academy. He is the recipient of numerous professional awards and has actively represented the A-C as a leader in County, State, Federal and Private settings.

In his personal time, Mr. Kademian volunteers on nonprofit boards, is an active life coach, and an avid lifelong martial artist. He also runs a community-based self-defense and wellness program that focuses on educating, equipping and empowering people from all age groups.

Emergent Technology Group

Emergent Technology Group (ETG) provides expert consulting, analytical support, and strategic partnership, leveraging emerging technologies and business acumen to address operational goals and challenges.

ETG endeavors to represent the ideal professional team of creative experts that drive transformative change and elevate enterprise relationship management standards by providing substantive solutions through innovative analysis, development, delivery, and support of transformative technologies. ETG further aims to position itself as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technologies and embrace advancements across various fields to enable new opportunities and catalyze positive change and progress.

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