Office of County Investigations



OCI is comprised of investigators with fiscal, technology and personnel backgrounds.  OCI investigators are codified under Penal Code (PC) Section 830.13 and are Peace Officers Standards and Training level III certified.

OCI is responsible for coordinating and conducting criminal and administrative investigations of alleged fraud and misconduct by County managers, employees, contractors and vendors.  OCI also conducts studies of and advises client departments on fiscal, physical and data security.

OCI investigators are "fact gatherers".  We utilize financial tools, interview techniques, monitoring and computer forensics in conducting investigations to effectively address the complaints filed.  Investigators also prepare and issue search warrants and testify in Court and Civil Service.

OCI is also responsible for the Office of Ombudsman.  The Ombudsman serves as a personal rights advocate, providing a confidential and informal process to resolve concerns that arise for children placed in group homes.  OCI maintains a toll-free hotline for outreach and liaison activities with group home youth.  Generally group home youth turn to the Ombudsman when other avenues of problem resolution have not been effective.  The Ombudsman also ensures compliance with established care, treatment, and programming standards for group home youth through a risk-based program of group home site visits.


Children’s inquiries to the Ombudsman are addressed promptly.  Group homes are inspected periodically to ensure compliance with applicable standards, and to ensure an appropriate living environment for dependent youth.