Wendy L. Watanabe

Wendy L. Watanabe is the Auditor-Controller for Los Angeles County and is responsible for overseeing a department with 587 budgeted positions, an annual operating budget of $83 million, and an additional Integrated Applications budget (e-CAPS/e-HR) of $54 million.  The Department of Auditor-Controller is responsible for establishing County fiscal and internal control policies and procedures; administering the County payroll; conducting audits and fraud investigations; monitoring social services contracts; performing mandated property tax functions; disbursing warrants to vendors, child support recipients, judgment and damages to claimants; and managing the County’s enterprise financial and payroll systems, e-CAPS and e-HR.  Ms. Watanabe also oversees the issuance of the Los Angeles County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Taxpayers’ Guide, and Single Audit Report.

Ms. Watanabe started her career with Los Angeles County in 1988, at the Department of Auditor-Controller.  She later worked for the Department of Beaches and Harbors, Chief Administrative Office (now Chief Executive Office), and the Sheriff’s Department, all at the capacity of an administrator in budget, fiscal, and information technology areas.  In 2004, she returned to the Department of Auditor-Controller as the Assistant Auditor-Controller; she later became the Chief Deputy in 2006, and was appointed by the Board of Supervisors as the County Auditor-Controller in January 2009.  Ms. Watanabe is the first female Auditor-Controller in the 150 years of Los Angeles County’s history.

Ms. Watanabe received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting from California State University, Los Angeles.

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